Galaxy Fantasy by The Brazz Brothers and Trondheim Symphony Orchestra.

The Trondheim Symphony Orchestra comprising over a hundred musicians will join The Brazz Brothers filling up the stage in Olavshallen at the premiere of the newly written composition Galaxy Fantasy by Helge Forde. The forty-minute long work also represents an innovative collaboration between Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, Trondheim Municipal School of Culture and The Brazz Brothers.

In Galaxy Fantasy each musician in TSO will act as mentors for each student from the School of Culture Symphony Orchestra , which together provide a double orchestra. In addition to commissioned work it will involve a distant orchestra that will be placed around the Olavshallen with even more brass. Students of visual arts at TKK will be to light the music and the large orchestra in spectacular fashion.

«The music will be a large and powerful modern symphonic expression where The Brazz Brothers will serve as astronauts and lead the frenetic journey beyond the galaxies,» says Helge Forde.

Concerts Olavshallen, Trondheim Wednesday Dec. 3th, Tuesday Dec. 4th and Friday Dec. 5th 2014 .