New Orleans Parade - The Brazz Brothers møter Marinemusikken

Title Time Comp/Arr.
1 Mardi Gras in New Orleans 4:41 Roy Byrd/ J.M. Forde
2 Black and Crazy Blues 6:31 Roland Kirk/ H. Forde
3 The Mooche 5:29 Duke Ellington/H. Forde
4 Rock’n rythm 3:30 Duke Ellington/ S.E. Tafjord
5 Mood Indigo 4:23 Duke Ellington/ J.M. Forde
6 Original rags 4:07 Scott Joplin/ S.E. Tafjord
7 Stoptime Rag 2:29 Scott Joplin/ H. Forde
8 Solace 5:03 Scott Joplin/ H. Forde
9 Duke Blue 6:43 Jarle Forde
10 Chimes Blues 4:03 King Oliver/ H. Forde
11 Juba and the O’Brian Squaw 3:21 Winton Marsalis/ R.Tafjord
12 Down by the Riverside 3:59 trad./ J. Forde
13 Tiger Rag 2:40 N. la Rocca/ R. Tafjord


Recorded april 1998 in Nøtterøy Kulturhus. MM Marine.
Produced by Frode Tingnæs

The Brazz Brothers
The Royal Norwegian Marine Band

Engineer: S. Alfredson, A. Martinsen