Brazzy Landscapes - The Brazz Brothers

brazzy landscapes
Title Time Comp/Arr.
1 Party at 206 3:35 Jan Magne Forde
2 First Landscape 5:24 Helge Forde/ txt: J. Garner
3 «Bop» goes to Church 4:03 Egil «Bop» Johansen
4 Wind-up Landscape 4:50 Jarle Forde/ txt: J. Garner
5 I can swing a Sousa 5:30 Helge Forde/ txt: J. Garner
6 Blue Rondo ala Turk 5:00 Dave Brubeck/ Jarle Forde
7 Crusin’ The Big Easy 3:54 J.M. Forde/txt: J.Garner
8 Sphinx 4:06 O. Coleman/ Jarle Forde
9 Last Landscape 4:48 Helge Forde/ txt. J. Garner
10 Reincarnation of a Lovebird 4:15 C.Mingus/ Helge Forde


Recorded December 1986 in Norsk Lydstudio, Trondheim, Norway. Licenced to ODIN.
Produced by The Brazz Brothers

The Brazz Brothers
Vocal: Phil Minton

Engineer: Roger Valstad